Saturday, January 10, 2009

My weight loss starts here...

I was introduced to OsoLean a few months after having my second child Nicholas. I was talking to my mum about how much trouble I was having shedding the extra kilos from my second pregnancy because of how much weight I gained during that pregnancy & how much fluid I retained. On top of that I had extra weight that I had gained after having my first child Benjamin so I had post baby 1 weight to lose as well as post baby 2 weight. My mum told me about OsoLean & how it is safe to use while breastfeeding because it is a natural product.

I asked for more information & read about people that had success with OsoLean & this made me more comfortable with the fact that I was taking a product to lose weight while still breastfeeding.

I'll continue to post my thoughts, comments & success & hope that this will enable other breastfeeding mothers to see how easy it is to lose weight after childbirth.